A Tough Case of 'Soft 17'

Online blackjack follows different lines as compared to land based version. The rules in online blackjack significantly vary these days. The whole debate starts with soft 17 arguments. Whether the dealer wants to hit on a soft 17 or just stand on it. If a dealer is going to hit on a soft 17, then obviously he isn't going to end up with a hand value greater than 17.

This is going to put the dealer at a positive edge so you need to be aware of this move. Online blackjack doesn't have a single deck card game only. The number of deck moves up to 8 at a time. Even if all other rules of blackjack are kept at a normalized level, you won't be getting out much. The number of decks in an online blackjack game is inversely proportional to the number of bets you can win.

The whole story about online blackjack and its twisted rules doesn't stop here. The agenda of double down and splits also messes up your chances of an easy win. You will be playing some variations where you won't be able to go for a double, after a split. Or maybe, to make things more challenging, you can only double if your hand values are between 9 and 11.

As far as splitting is concerned, don't ask! There are some variations of blackjack in which you are at the liberty of splitting only once or twice. The real deal is that when you will be given an advantage by reducing your decks to 2 or 1, it will be curtailed by implying some sort of restrictions on your moves.

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