Casino Comps: Get Rewarded for your Play

One of the ways that players are rewarded for their play at both land casinos and online games casinos are through comps. These comps can then be used to increase your payout percentage overall. The way comps are configured can be a bit confusing, but overall they are just one way a casino will reward you for your loyalty to their brand.

Harrah's Rewards

One casino that offers player rewards is Harrah's. Actually, there are not a lot of casinos that do not offer some type of comp rewards to their players. At Harrah's and most other land-based casinos, you will be provided with a player's club card. This card keeps track of your play. At Harrah's players are given one credit for each $10 that is wagered on video poker machines. This includes all of the bets that are made and not just your losses. If you are playing a video poker games machine and betting about $750 each hour you will be earning 7.5 points each hour. These points can then be used to get free meals, for a free hotel room, or even to buy tickets for events. The portal offers a safe environment for practicing your game skills at vidéo poker gratuit. It is powered by many gaming platforms. Which leads to a better gaming experience. The site surely deserves to be rewarded for the effort that went into giving you the greatest sites out there. Using your player card to pay for hotel rooms and meals will turn your disadvantage into a slight edge over the casino.

Online Casino Rewards

Win Palace is an online Live Casino that offers great video poker games. All players on the site are automatically enrolled in their VIP program when they sign up. Every $10 a player wagers on a video poker machine earns them 7 points. If you are paying $750 per hour you will earn 525 points each hour. On the site, you can redeem 2000 points for $2. This means that every 4 hours you earn an extra $2. The more you play the more you can earn as the site has a VIP scale that allows players to earn points even faster. Diamond VIP members earn 13 points for every $10 of poker wages. This is close to doubling your rate of cash back.

Myths about Player Rewards

Some people do not take advantage of the player rewards. One of the excuses is that they do not play enough to earn anything. This is simply not true. No matter how much you play the points will add up quickly and you can earn free stuff. Another myth about using a rewards card is that it will lower the odds of the machine. Some people think that the machine knows if there is a card inserted and therefore they payout percentage decreases. This is not true either. Overall, there are only advantages of using a player card and if you are going to gamble you might as well be rewarded for it.