A Review of GamblingAffiliate Site

Fans of classic casino games and exciting video slots will love playing at the GamblingAffiliate Site. Built-in 2011 using Top Game software, the GamblingAffiliate welcomes players of all kinds. They accept deposits in a variety of different currencies and offer the site in both English and French. Currently, there are only about 70 different games, with slots games and variety of table games making up a large percentage of that number. However, the casino has announced a goal of introducing a new game every month, so fans of the under-represented games will likely find offerings in the near future. The payout percentages are incredibly high, with the casino paying out in excess of 98% of every dollar they take in. Players will love getting a chance at the huge progressive jackpots, some of which can run in excess of a million dollars. The casino also offers a wide variety of bonuses and promotions for number of different games to attract new customers and reward those players who have loyally played and deposited minimum amounts. Players should be wary of the wagering requirements, however, as this may hinder their ability to enjoy some of their winnings.
Customizable Content
One of the most exciting things about playing at GamblingAffiliate, though, is the option to customize the casino to players own preferences and most basic strategies. Inside every game, players can choose from a variety of options including music, dialogue, setting, and more. Players who want the most authentic experience can opt for dealers' voices taking bets, announcing the winners, and providing playful color commentary on the games. There are even options for male or female voices. Those who find the voices distracting and would prefer to just enjoy the game can opt instead for no audio or choose from several different kinds of background music. Players can test out what music they want to use by selecting the settings tab and thumbing through the many different options.